My Story

My family loves going on car rides! 

On this particular day in March 2010, we ended up at a mall that was 40 mins from our house. It was strolling through this mall, where we got our first introduction to Scentsy. 

Miss Myrtle had her booth there with all her different products, from fancy hair clips and bags that warm and relax muscles to creams that soften your skin - she had it all. But she didn't have any Scentsy Warmers, nor a catalogue, no room sprays or hanging fresheners, nope, not even a wax bar to show us.  She simply gave us a flyer, let us smell one of the samples (we dont even know which one) and told us about the business. We talked with her for about 20 mins as she demonstrated some of her products on us.

On the way home, my husband and I talked about this new wickless candle concept and we were excited! We thought this is something we could do - together. We needed to bring in some extra money into the house and I needed to do something about it. I thought about other home based businesses but there are already tons of consultants doing those. Scentsy was just right..., new to Canada and great smelling! Who wouldn't love a scented candle that doesnt have a fire, a candle that you dont have to worry if you forget or fall asleep!?

When we got in, we started searching the internet. No one had anything negative to say about Scentsy - not even one person! So the next day, we prayed about it and signed up as new consultants. 

We waited EAGERLY for our starter kit to arrive - the 2 weeks seemed like a year. When the day it came, we packed the kids in the stroller and walked around our block and told all of the neighbours and invited them to our Scentsy Open House.

The next day my husband took it to his workplace and got $400 in sales! We easily made required amount of sales in the 2 weeks before month end and moved up one rank to Certified Consultants. In only 4 months we were Super Star Consultants and by the 7th month we were Directors! Another 2 years and we moved up to Star Directors!

We thank God and we thank Scentsy for the opportunity as it helps me to stay home with my kids and do something that we enjoy! So if you are in the same situation and want to do something different, new and fun, whether you are in the US, Canada or the newly open maket - UK, Germany and Ireland, feel free to Join My Team!  We know the path to get to Director and  we'll help you get there and beyond! ;)